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Summer safety tips for students

Release time: 2021-07-06

Dear students,
   Safety is directly related to the life and health of each of us, related to the happiness and warmth of each family, affecting the stability and development of society, and closely related to our lives。During the summer vacation, in order to the majority of students can be strict with themselves in terms of safety and prevent accidents, the school reminds students:
First, traffic safety
   1, consciously abide by the traffic rules, do not run on the road, play;
   2, cross the road to walk zebra crossing, not at will;
   3, comply with public order, queue up for the bus, the car is not stopped near the vehicle, not crowded when getting on and off;
   4, civilized ride, ride the initiative to give up your seat, not in the car loud noise。  
2. Safety with fire
   1, do not play with fire, do not carry fire。Avoid fire。If you find a fire, call 119 in time, do not try to put out the fire;
   2, careful, safe use of gas, liquefied gas stove, etc。  
Third, food safety
   1, consciously develop good personal hygiene habits, wash hands before meals, to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases。;
   2, buy packaged food, to see the trademark, production date, shelf life, etc., "three no" food, expired food must not buy food;
   3, eat raw fruits should pay attention to clean before eating, do not eat rotten, spoiled fruits。  
Fourth, flood and heat prevention safety
   1, the summer is rainy, can not take shelter under trees and tall buildings, to avoid lightning strikes;
   2, heavy rain weather, can not go out, such as flood peak to follow the stairs to the high floor or higher ground flood control;
   3, high temperature weather, to take cooling measures to prevent heat stroke。Do not play, swim or fish in dangerous places such as reservoirs, puddles or rivers。
Fifth, enhance the awareness of fraud prevention and self-protection
   1, be vigilant, enhance the ability to distinguish right from wrong, do not trust strangers, especially netizens, be careful of online fraud, enhance the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and avoid unnecessary economic losses。
   2, do not go to strange and remote places to keep appointments, do not give criminals an opportunity。
6. During the epidemic prevention and control period
   The epidemic is still not over, students should continue to insist on not gathering, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and ventilation。
   I wish the students good health, study progress, happy life!
Shijiazhuang modern science and technology secondary professional school
July 6, 2021

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