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Notice of new students starting classes in Fall 2021

Release time: 2021-07-10

Dear parents and students,
  In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the district Party Committee and the district government, fully implement the relevant notice of the Department of Education on the autumn school opening, and coordinate the autumn school opening and epidemic prevention and control work, the school opening situation is hereby notified as follows:
  The registration period for fall 2021 freshmen will be July 17-18, 2021
  First, do a good job of health monitoring and nucleic acid testing
  1.Health education and pre-school health monitoring for teachers and students will be strengthened, and a body temperature detection report system will be implemented 14 days before returning to school. Students will report by health code, nucleic acid test qualification report, Individual 14-day Health Registration Form and Personal Health Commitment Letter。
  2.Students with fever, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms will not return to school temporarily, and "one person, one step" will develop a student's return to school information ledger to ensure that the whole return to school can be traced。Find out the number of personnel who need to conduct nucleic acid testing, and do a good job in mobilization and organization。
  3.The Student Affairs Office should clearly inform students about the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the precautions for returning to school, focusing on the safety warning of students on the way back to school, and accurately grasp the transportation and specific time information of each student;Develop special work plans for students returning to school。
  2. Do a good job of epidemic prevention and control on campus
  The Student Affairs Office will do a good job in registering students' return to school, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control education after students return to school to ensure the safety and stability of students after returning to school。
  The Personnel Office and the Student Affairs Office continue to do a good job in the "daily report" and "zero report" systems for teachers and students, and implement morning and afternoon checks and tracking of absence due to illness (class)。
Closed-loop management in the campus, through the wrong time peak and other ways to solve the problem of personnel density in public places, the campus departments, classes, dormitories as a unit to implement sub-regional unit management, each unit to achieve relatively fixed learning and living space, contact personnel clear。
  Third, do a good job of connecting online and offline work
  The Academic Affairs Office will arrange courses for returning students in advance and distribute teaching materials after returning to school, and do a good job in online teaching and assistance for students who delay returning to school for various reasons, and effectively strengthen humanistic care。
  Fourth, strengthen campus security
  The logistics Support Department conducted a comprehensive investigation of the campus, such as water and electricity in the student dormitory, and rectified various risks in a timely manner to ensure that there were no safety risks。
  In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, classrooms, offices, gymnasiums, libraries, dormitories, restaurants, toilets and other public places have been thoroughly decontamination, and epidemic prevention materials such as thermometer, disinfectant and hand sanitizer have been prepared, and adequate sanitation and washing equipment have been provided。The Safety and Stability Department conducts a comprehensive investigation of the college's fire protection facilities, especially the fire protection facilities in key places such as student dormitories, improves the fire safety awareness of all staff, improves the ability to respond to sudden fires, and ensures fire safety。
  Strict food purchase links, strengthen the college canteen management system construction, strict implementation of food safety standards, to ensure food health and safety。Strengthen students' safety education, vigorously publicize safety and health knowledge, clarify health and epidemic prevention requirements, enhance students' awareness of safety and self-protection, and cultivate healthy living habits。
  Fifth, strengthen campus access management
  After the beginning of the semester, the college implements closed campus management, strictly implements the gate duty and security system, and strictly controls the campus access. Students can go out after approval, and off-campus personnel are not allowed to enter the campus without approval. Those who enter the campus must undergo identity verification and temperature monitoring。
  6. Implement duty system
  According to the duty schedule, the 24-hour duty system of middle-level cadres and the shift system of hospital leaders are strictly implemented to ensure smooth communication and timely and effective handling of emergencies。
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