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1, college students are now difficult to find employment, secondary school graduates should be more difficult?
     College learning cultural positions do not use secondary school skills practice is more practical
     Post by experience promotion by emotional intelligence often difficult to survive in the greenhouse society
 2, many secondary schools say that they can be allocated, we do not know how to choose?
      Order gap, orientation training, lack of what to learn, learn what to do, matching employment
      Recommended employment, not the opposite, placement difficulties, learning no use, waste of time
  I professional and employers to establish strategic cooperative relations, employers solemnly promise:
    If a qualified graduate cannot be placed in a post,
Full refund of three years of tuition!!

3, the current results of the child is not ideal, but there is still time from the middle school exam, want to try it, in case you can get a Pugao?
     The national college entrance examination looks at Hebei,Hebei's score is the highest in the country,Three years of high school,After 1095 days of study,17,520 hours of studying day and night,And the score must reach 500 points or more,Kids get a chance to go to a non-mainstream college,The pressure on children and parents can only be imagined,And the problem of unemployment upon graduation will continue to plague students and their parents。Although there is still time for the middle school entrance examination, whether the child is suitable for traditional cultural classes?If you barely go to high school, the above high school life children can insist?Parents should have the courage to abandon traditional thinking, plan their children's future in a diversified way, and choose a development path suitable for their children according to their own advantages。Don't waste the child's time in the attempt, make a decision early, and let the child win on the starting line of this choice!

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