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Computer application
1. Training objectives
    This major cultivates the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical and technical skills with the characteristics of vocational education in accordance with the needs of China's socialist modernization,Have comprehensive professional ability,Master the basic knowledge and basic principles of computer systems,High-quality workers and intermediate specialized talents who can engage in computer application, design, maintenance and debugging, and computer network system management and construction。
Ideological and moral character: have a scientific world outlook, outlook on life and patriotism, collectivism, socialist thought, good professional ethics and code of conduct。
Business knowledge and ability: have basic scientific and cultural literacy,Master the necessary cultural knowledge, professional knowledge and skilled vocational skills,Lifelong learning ability and the ability to adapt to career changes;Have innovative spirit, practical ability and entrepreneurial ability,Have good physical and mental health,Have a certain ability to appreciate beauty and create beauty。
Second, the academic system
    Junior high school graduation: 3 years;High school graduation: 2 years
3. Professional courses
    The main courses include: Computer English, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Auto CAD, computer assembly and maintenance, programming, database and application, Basic computer network, Flash animation, web design, etc。
4. Employment group
    Computer maintenance personnel, advertising design personnel, computer sales personnel, data processing personnel, customer service and unit human resources leaders。

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