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Accounting transaction
1. Training objectives
    This major cultivates "applied" and "entrepreneurial" composite talents with strong practical skills, who have a solid grasp of the necessary cultural and scientific basic knowledge, master the professional knowledge of financial accounting and the corresponding computer knowledge engaged in financial and accounting computerization。 
    Guide students to establish a scientific world outlook, outlook on life, patriotism, collectivism, socialist thought and good professional ethics and codes of conduct,Improve scientific and cultural accomplishment,Master the necessary cultural knowledge, professional knowledge and skilled vocational skills,Cultivate students' quality of love and dedication and the ability to adapt to career changes,innovative,Have good physical and mental health,Have a certain appreciation of beauty and the ability to create beauty,Hard and simple,The spirit of hard work。
Second, the academic system
    Junior high school graduation: 3 years;High school graduation: 2 years
Iii. Professional courses and main practice links
    Main courses: Basic knowledge of auditing, Introduction to Economic Law, Principles of statistics, Tax Law, Finance and Finance, basic accounting, accounting computerization, cost accounting, enterprise financial accounting, etc。
    The main practical training contents include: understanding the basic operation of the enterprise's procurement, production and sales, the production process of the enterprise's products, and the main business of the operation;
    Understand the business accounting process;Fill in and review original documents;Fill in and review accounting vouchers;Keep the general and detailed accounts;Print and bind accounting vouchers and accounting books;Preparing financial statements;
    Understand the actual operation of accounting computerization and the performance of accounting post responsibilities。
4. Employment group
    Accountant, bookkeeping agency staff, certified public accountant, certified tax agent firm business assistant。

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