Tourism services and management

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Tourism services and management
1. Training objectives
    This major mainly cultivates good political, ideological and moral qualities needed for social construction,In good health,With high cultural accomplishment and aesthetic ability, the tourism industry facing various urban tourism circles,Engaged in front office services at the front line of service and management,Room service, catering service, tour guide service, planning, outreach and management, etc,Have good professional ethics, strong practical ability and innovative spirit,Have the basic management ability of hotel,Travel agency management ability,Management ability of tourist attractions,Travel agency store management ability,Moral, intellectual, physical and beautiful all-round development of high-quality skilled professionals。
Second, the academic system
    Junior high school graduation: 3 years;High school graduation: 2 years
Iii. Professional courses and main practice links
    The main courses include: Introduction to tourism, Chinese tourism Geography, Basic knowledge of tour guides, tourism policies and regulations, service etiquette, tourism psychology, Tourism English, catering service and management, front office service and management, room service and management, tour guide business, etc。
    The main practical training contents include: tour guide business, planning operation business, tour route design, service etiquette, entry and exit business, crisis management, emergency rescue, escape skills, etc。
4. Employment group
    Tour guide, public tour attendant, exhibition guide, Travel agency planning, travel agency outreach。

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