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Automobile manufacturing and repair
1. Training objectives
    This major is aimed at the integration of automobile maintenance, automobile sales and after-sales service enterprises in the "automobile aftermarket", as well as production, service and management positions in the vocational fields related to automobile application and automobile maintenance。Cultivate support for the Party's basic line,To meet the needs of the first line of automobile maintenance and automobile use,All-round development of moral, intellectual, physical and beauty,Have good comprehensive professional ability,Master certain professional theoretical knowledge and have strong practical ability,Can successfully enter the "automobile aftermarket" corresponding vocational positions employment,Have the basic knowledge of automobile testing and maintenance technology and scientific and cultural literacy necessary for professional work,Familiar with national motor vehicle operation and maintenance policies and regulations,Capable of automotive maintenance, overhaul, performance testing, fault diagnosis and repair, automotive management and other related work of high-quality technical professionals。
Second, the academic system
    Junior high school graduation: 3 years;High school graduation: 2 years
Iii. Professional courses and main practice links
    The main courses include: mechanical mapping and AutoCAD, automotive materials, Mechanical fundamentals, Introduction to automobiles, gasoline engine electronic control system testing and maintenance, automotive electrical equipment testing and maintenance, etc。
    The main practical training contents include: automobile disassembly, mechanical and electrical maintenance technology, automobile engine maintenance, automobile chassis maintenance, etc。
4. Employment group
    Automobile production, maintenance and sales companies;Inspection stations, transportation companies, automobile operations and other departments。

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